Saturday, September 18, 2010

Refilling ink cartridges saves money

The remedy for this situation has been solved by the introduction of a refill kit that can be bought from the market for a very low cost and you can refill the ink cartridge yourself. The refill kit for such ink cartridges are equipped with the proper instructions on how to refill the cartridge and do not require any special skills. However be careful in the selection of the refill kit and try to buy one that has been made especially for your printer.

The ink can be refilled in a matter of minutes as the kit would be equipped with enough ink to last you for a few refills, a syringe to inject the ink into the cartridge, a tool to help you remove the top, gloves and the requisite instructions. Some people using this refilling kit for the first time would be worried but be rest assured as it is very easy to refill the ink yourself. Do not make the mistake of using ink that is not compatible with your printer as this could cause permanent damage as the ink may stick to the printer resulting in color distortion.

You also have the option of taking your empty printer ink cartridge and getting it refilled from a local retailer that specializes in
ink cartridge refills as he would ensure that you get the right cartridge refill. Even though refilling the cartridge by yourself would be less expensive but you might miss out on the finer points, but even getting it refilled from a local retailer would save you a lot of money, sometimes as much as 70% of the price of a new cartridge.

By getting the cartridge refilled and not buying a new one, you are not only doing yourself a favor by saving money, you are actually helping the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills each day. The main raw material used in the manufacturing of these printer ink cartridges is non-biodegradable such as plaster and that takes several years to disintegrate.

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