Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making Money by Selling Empty Ink Cartridges

If you see some empty ink cartridges, the first thing that crosses out your mind could be throwing them out to waste bin. Actually, you can turn them into money if you know the way. It is nice to know things always give you benefits even when they are empty, right?

There are several choices of getting money from empty cartridges. If you bring the empties to a recycling center or office supply stores, you can get at least $3 for each ink cartridge! That is why you do not need to throw them away into waste bin when they run out of ink.

The first thing you should do when seeing the empties is saving them and taking a note about the make and model number of each cartridge. Then, try to find a clear plastic bag and put all the empties into it until you are ready to bring them to a recycling center or office supply stores. Before putting them into the bag, you can wrap each of them with paper or newspapers.

One day, when you are ready to turn empty ink cartridges into money, you can go to several places. To get money from a recycling center, you can consider eCycle, or an office supply stores like Office Max to get discounts for the next purchase. If you decide to bring them to a recycling center, you better read the instructions since they may require you to place an address label which is usually on the outside of a separate shipping box you will supply. They may also provide you some postage paid return envelopes.

During the "exchange" process, the center may also provide you an invoice form you have to fill out. This invoice form helps you to know how much you will get from each of the empties which is in an acceptable condition to return. However, you need to know that not all cartridges you bring are accepted, and the prices may vary so greatly. In addition, you should know that eCycle or other recycling centers, have minimum return requirements. Currently, they even require 20 cartridges per shipment as a minimum amount.

In a response to this, you better recheck the number of your cartridges before sending them to the centers. If the number of empties you have now cannot fulfill the required number, it seems like you need a little bit patience to wait for the next ink cartridges. Then, the most important thing is ensuring that the ink cartridges are in good condition, in which they have never been refilled or damaged before. Some centers really check these conditions, so you better know the condition by yourself before sending them.

From the various ink cartridges available on markets, you may get confused to choose one that provides satisfying printing results. Although you do not need to worry of this as many people feel the same, you have a worth considering option, such as Brother laser toner cartridge. To get more options, you can visit


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