Monday, April 19, 2010

discount printer ink cartridge

An ink cartridge is a disposable component of an inkjet printer that contains the ink (and occasionally the print-head itself) that is spread over paper during printing. Each ink cartridge comes with one or more partitioned ink reservoirs.

Ink cartridges are generally expensive and may account for a significant proportion of the cost of the printer. Consumers are often shocked when they discover the cost of replacing their printer cartridges and compare it to the cost of purchasing a brand new printer. Hewlett Packard charges $22 per quarter ounce for their ink and they are not alone; all the leading inkjet providers are ripping the customers off. It doesn't matter if it's Canon, Dell, Brother, Epson or Samsung; they are all charging sky-high prices for their "magical liquid".

The major manufacturers of printers often claim that they break even or loose money by selling printers but make a profit by selling cartridges over the life of the printer. Since most of the profits come from selling ink, some of the printer manufacturers have taken various measures against aftermarket cartridges.

Many people use compatible ink cartridges from sellers other than the printer producer in order to save money. The high cost of cartridges has also induced copycats to supply fake cartridges that they claim is made by the actual manufacturer. However, there is no way you can trust the quality and reliability of these cartridges.

As an alternative, you can try some discount printer ink cartridges. You can generally save up to 50% by purchasing cartridges at a discounted price, depending on from where you purchase them and what king of cartridges they are. You can even buy cartridges from renowned brands at a discount if they have passed their expiry date. Without doubt, the more time that has passed since the cartridge expired, the more potentially harmful it will be to your printer, but they work fine more often than not.

Another kind of discount printer ink cartridges that can be purchased at a discounted price is refilled cartridges. This is when companies collect used cartridges and then refill them with ink. As a new cartridge is not required, all you need to pay is the price of ink. Not only do these cartridges allow you to save money but also enable you to play your part in protecting the environment. However, one thing that needs to be checked is that the cartridge is filled up all the way. Some cartridges may offer huge savings but only contain about half the ink.


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